One Year Anniversary Drinkup… with a Gyrocycle!


One Year Celebration
A year ago we launched under the brand and introduced IronMQ. Which means that it's a perfect occasion to celebrate the beginning of a second year with Drinkup #4.

Come join us Friday, Dec 7th at Mars Bar. We're starting it in the late afternoon so it won't conflict with holiday events. Developers and friends from other cloud companies will be here which makes it just a larger more social community "office hour." 
Special Guest: Dezso Molnar and the Molnari Gyrocycle
But wait, there's more. If marking a year off wasn't enough, we're having Dezso Molnar and his Molnari Gyrocycle stop by to add a little metal on metal. (Gyrocycle is another way of saying street-legal flying motocycle.) If you think his machine is just a concept bike, think again. It's flown over 40 times and has been taken on the road up to speeds exceeding 100mph. 

Two Ways to Get to a Cloud
What better way to wind down a week and kick off another year ahead than to hang out with friends, other developers,, and a flying motorcycle. 

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