IronMQ Handling 250M Requests Per Day, IronWorker Executing Over 500K Jobs

This month, hit two major milestones in our usage numbers for two of our services.

IronMQ is now handling over 250 million requests per day (== 174K per minute == 2,900 per second). This is up from 100 million just three months ago.

Also, IronWorker is now executing over 500,000 jobs (tasks) per day. That means we are executing your code across our farm of worker servers, half a million times per day.

When we built our first product, IronWorker, we thought we had built something that other developers would find useful, but we had no idea how much people would enjoy using our services to build amazing things.

“You guys rock! Your service seems great so far 🙂 Keep killing it.”

“IronMQ makes me want to add messaging to everything I build.” src: Twitter

“We just switched out message queue backends for @besnappy (to @getiron) in 5 minutes.” src: Twitter

Even when we have issues:

“Glad to hear it was just temporary.  Your uptime has been so consistent that getting text messages from my monitoring systems about you being down was noteworthy.”

And my personal favorite:

“wow. sh*t. holy f**k … awesome. shut my mouth. F**KING AWESOME. you got to be sh*tting me. I love you”

That was from one of our customers that was managing their own worker servers, costing them $12k per month in server costs alone plus all the time they had to spend dealing with them. After switching to IronWorker, they now spend less than $1000 and zero time managing servers. The quote above was when he first got his stuff running on IronWorker and had the a-ha moment.

So here’s a big THANK YOU to all our users. We love you too.

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