IronMQ is now on AppHarbor

Today, we’re pleased to announce that IronMQ is now included as a supported add-on for AppHarbor, the leading cloud platform for .NET developers. It’s a great combination and we’re thrilled to be partners.

What’s great about the pairing is that the two companies share the same vision of cloud computing. AppHarbor lets developers spend their time coming up with ideas and developing applications, not patching servers, worrying about deployment, messing with configuration files, or scaling. provides hosted messaging, background processing, and scheduling — services that a developer can get going in minutes and provides them with the ability to build apps that do massive asynchronous things. All without managing servers or dealing with infrastructure.

If you’ve followed our progress over the past few months, you’ve seen us moving rapidly to increase support for multiple languages and tie in with many platforms and clouds. The addition of AppHarbor to this list is a big milestone because it connects us with a huge body of .NET developers. One of our goals is to where developers are and is a big advance on that goal.

And what’s neat about this market is that while .NET developers may have been asking themselves the “Why cloud?” question a bit longer than Ruby or Python developers, they’re getting it and they’re getting it fast. They bring with them a deep knowledge of building complex apps with lots of moving pieces.

Which is great for, because IronMQ is designed to help developers pass data and events between different parts of their application and to external apps and systems. It’s a durable tools made for professional developers building applications in the cloud. Which should explain while we’re thrilled to connect to AppHarbor and the .NET community.

To learn more about IronMQ and our other product, IronWorker, please visit our product page or our DevCenter.


To learn more about the and AppHarbor partnership, please visit the IronMQ page in the AppHarbor Add-ons section.



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