IronMQ on Heroku Now Open to the Public

IronMQ is now in General Availability on Heroku so everyone can add it to their Heroku apps. It’s really easy to get started, here’s how:

    heroku addons:add iron_mq

Then in your app configuration:

    @iron_mq = => ENV[‘IRON_MQ_TOKEN’],        ‘project_id’ => ENV[‘IRON_MQ_PROJECT_ID’])

Then we can use it:“Hello World!”)

And somewhere else:

    # do something with it. When you’re done, be sure to delete the message

That should get you started.  A fast, reliable and scalable queue, ready to for you to use in under five minutes!

You can find an example of a Sinatra app that you can clone and push to Heroku here:

Read more about the Add on here:

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