IronWorker and IronMQ now on AppFog

Today, we’re happy to announce that IronMQ and IronWorker are now included as supported add-ons for AppFog. We are very excited about this partnership because we share in the AppFog vision of creating fast, scalable and reliable applications in the cloud.

Through our partnership, we will be helping developers by providing massively scalable messaging and task queues so they can spend far less time managing infrastructure and more time on the things in their application that really matter. is fully committed to supporting multiple languages and platforms. Our products currently run on Heroku, Engine Yard and AWS. The addition of AppFog is an important next step in’s expansion. Stay tuned for future language and platform announcements…
To learn more about IronMQ and IronWorker, please visit our product page.To learn more about the and AppFog partnership, please visit the AppFog’s add-on page.




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