Monitoring Google Cloud Run With Datadog

Monitoring Google Cloud Run With Datadog

Running stateless containers with Google Cloud Run eliminates the need to manage infrastructure. Instead, you can opt for either a fully-managed Cloud Run instance or use Cloud Run for Anthos, Google's platform for self-managing containers across on-premise, hybrid, multi-cloud Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) infrastructure.

If you use Cloud Run, you'll find that deploying a container is easy. Simply specify the image and configure basic settings, like memory and request limits, and you're up and running. Using Datadog in partnership with Google Cloud Run for Anthos can bring visibility to your containerized workflows through cloud monitoring services.

Alternatively, if you're seeking a unified platform that can offer your business visibility, flexibility, and reliability, you need an Iron solution. IronMQ can tie your distributed systems together with lightning speed.

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Table of Contence

1. What is Google Cloud Run?

2. What is Datadog?

3. Why Use Datadog and Cloud Run Together?

4. How Iron Can Help

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What is Google Cloud Run?

Google Cloud Run is powered by Knative, an open API based on the kubernetes engine. The platform is designed for managed computing, which enables companies to run stateless containers in a serverless environment. With the Google cloud platform, you can take all the focus off of infrastructure management and put all of your effort toward creating better applications.

Cloud Run for Anthos isn't fully managed but provides the flexibility to use Google Cloud Run with existing or hybrid infrastructure. In either case, Datadog offers a solution for companies using Cloud Run to manage their containerized workflows.

What is Datadog?

Datadog is a third-party tool to help companies monitor their cloud applications and improve security. Datadog offers end-to-end traces along with detailed log files and metrics to help tech professionals gain visibility into their applications and the infrastructure they run on. The goal of Datadog is to make third-party services more observable, especially when it comes to environment variables.

With the help of a monitoring and security tool like Datadog, you can secure your systems, improve user experience, and reduce downtime, even alerting you when certain benchmarks are passed. Using Datadog side-by-side with your cloud infrastructure can bring you all of these benefits.

Meanwhile, IronWorker is a serverlessCaaS platform that bundles powerful container management and analytics into one. Incident management and log management don't require third-party integrations when you opt for an Iron solution. Learn more about how IronWorker can improve visibility into your workflows and simplify job processing. Serverless Tools

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Why Use Datadog and Cloud Run Together?

Datadog works with both Google Cloud Run and Google Cloud Run for Anthos.

Datadog has both Google Cloud and Kubernetes integrations that enable Cloud Run users to monitor their services. After a few simple integration steps, DatadogHQ will begin automatically compiling information that reveals your containerized workloads' performance within Google Cloud Run. Metrics include latency, request counts, and the CPU and memory resources your code is using.

Using Datadog, you can save metrics and log files across your clusters and get real-time data as the application scales up and down. Using tags, you can search your container fleet. For example, the Datadog agent lets you use a "cloudrun_service" tag to filter by a particular service and a "cloudrun_revision" tag to filter by specific revisions. If you need to, Datadog lets you inspect containers one-by-one to dig deeper into its metrics.

Monitoring Google Cloud Run With Datadog

How Iron Can Help

Are you building new workloads using Google Cloud Run? Are you planning to migrate existing workloads into Cloud Run? Do you need more visibility into your Cloud Run containers? Datadog and Cloud Run are two powerful tools, but they might not be the ideal solution for your company.

IronWorker and IronMQ are just two powerful tools under the umbrella, offering simple, flexible, and reliable serverless tools to run your business with confidence. Docs and tutorials will get you up-and-running quickly while a variety of features ensure observability. Application performance monitoring (APM) is bundled right in, creating a fully-featured SaaS solution.

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