More Power to the Workers! Huge Performance Upgrade Went Out Last Night

Performance is one of our primary goals for SimpleWorker and we’re happy to announce that we pushed out some major infrastructural changes last night that show some huge improvements in run times for all workers across the board. Here are before/after results for a particular customer’s hourly usage.

Total Usage per Hour Before Upgrade (April 18)

6pm to 7pm: 18,667 seconds
7pm to 8pm: 20,308 seconds
8pm to 9pm: 20,459 seconds

Total Usage per Hour After Upgrade (April 19)

7am to 8am: 10,055 seconds
8am to 9am: 11,855 seconds
9am to 10am: 10,043 seconds

As you can see, this is nearly a 2x increase. And all this for the cost of… nothing! No changes are required on your part either, you should start seeing lower run times immediately.

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