New Relic and Unlock the Potential of Your Tools

New Relic makes diverse products that developers can use to build and improve application performance. The New Relic platform includes a graphical user interface with extraordinary data analytics that gives you an overhead or granular view of your infrastructure, containers, and clusters.

Integrating New Relic with gives you the opportunity to review the background tasks that IronWorker containerizes. You also gain insight into miscommunications that occur between IronMQ and applications.

Four Benefits of New Relic and Integration

Depending on how you use, you could discover any number of benefits from integrating with New Relic. Some benefits that stand out to many developers include:

1. All of Your Critical Information in One Dashboard

New Relic has one of the most advanced dashboards for monitoring critical information about your applications, servers, and other tools. By integrating with New Relic, developers can access all the data that they need to monitor performance and solve problems quickly.

2. Scale Applications Faster Than Ever

IronWorker and IronMQ scale rapidly to meet your evolving needs. Unprecedented events, however, can stress even the best multi-server system. Integrating and New Relic eliminates any hiccups that could adversely affect your users.

3. Add Applied Intelligence to Your DevOps

By integrating New Relic with IronWorker, you get real-time alerts from Applied Intelligence. New Relic’s machine learning scours data to detect anomalies automatically, correlate incidents so you don’t get overwhelmed by alerts, and quickly escalates incidents to the person trained to handle the issue. The containerized tasks that you trust IronWorker to perform in the background remain unseen unless New Relic notices an aberration.

4. Migrate Applications and Data to the Cloud with Confidence

IronWorker can process large amounts of data quickly without slowing your network. IronMQ makes it possible for a wide range of applications to communicate with each other. Sometimes, though, you need help getting apps and data to the cloud. Integrating with New Relic provides a fast, reliable solution for moving toward complete cloud adoption.

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New Relic and Unlock the Potential of Your Tools

How New Relic Integrates with IronMQ

IronMQ ties systems together with one of the most reliable, user-friendly message queues. No system can work perfectly all the time, though. New Relic notifies you when communication goes awry.

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How New Relic Integrates with IronWorker

IronWorker moves critical jobs to containers and processes them in the background. It’s the right solution whether you want to run thousands of containers at once or let one container work for several days. New Relic gives you increased insight into your containers by using machine learning to identify potential problems and bring them to your attention.

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Final Word

IronWorker promises to improve performance by completing tasks in the background so your system can function without additional burdens. IronMQ makes it possible for diverse applications to communicate with each other.

What happens when something goes wrong with any of these processes? New Relic’s analytics can identify the source and alert someone qualified to solve the problem.

When you bring some of the best tools together, you make every aspect of your work more efficient and reliable.

Discover the advanced benefits of integrating New Relic with IronWorker and IronMQ. Schedule an demo today so you can experience the advantages of choosing the best tools for every job.

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