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SimpleWorker Talk at Sydney Ruby on Rails Meetup, April 12

By Iron | April 11, 2011

If you’re in or around Sydney, Australia tomorrow, be sure to check out the talk on SimpleWorker at the Ruby…

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Use Any Gem You Want!

By Iron | March 28, 2011

Ask And Ye Shall Receive… gems that is. The `merge_gem` feature is now in production and ready for use allowing…

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Why IronWorker is Better than Heroku Workers / Delayed Job

By Iron | March 10, 2011

Overview First off, I would like to say that we use and love Heroku, the system they’ve built is game-changing…

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Worker Queues as a Key Variable

By Iron | March 2, 2011

Anyone working on a serious web app knows that a worker queue makes up a key component within the app…

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Worker Example Library on Github

By Iron | February 20, 2011

We’ve created a public github repository for SimpleWorker example code. There are a few samples in there right now and…

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SimpleWorker is now a Heroku Add-on!

By Iron | February 19, 2011

Now you can start using SimpleWorker in your Heroku apps with minimal effort. It’s currently in private beta as an add-on,…

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The Ruby Compute Cloud

By Iron | February 10, 2011

One of the main uses of SimpleWorker is as a worker queue for running background jobs within a web application.…

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Autoload Rails Models for Super Easy Rails Integration

By Iron | January 3, 2011

SimpleWorker will now include all the models in your Rails app automatically so you don’t have to merge them manually.…

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SimpleWorker Usage Pattern Graph

By Iron | October 8, 2010

SimpleWorker is a job queuing and scheduling system so while a lot of work comes in at random times usually…

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Parallelizing Ruby on the Cloud

By Iron | May 27, 2010

So I’m sure we’ve all had the need to want to run multiple threads at once to optimize a part…

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Including other files in your Worker with “merge”

By Iron | May 25, 2010

Previously, your worker file/class had to be self contained (ie: single file including all code for the worker). Now you…

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Pushed 0.3.0 Gem: Much More User Friendly

By Iron | May 13, 2010

After using SimpleWorkr for a long time now, I always think to myself, “there’s gotta be some way to make…

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