ProQuest’s Scalable, No Maintenance Cloud Stack

ProQuest chose IronMQ as a key part of their stack while building the website for WorldRiderz, a documentary on the Discovery Channel. They needed a robust, elastic and scalable architecture. Due to the nature of the project, traffic was always going to be patchy, with periods of heavy traffic, followed by idle periods, so controlling costs and being able to scale quickly was important. IronMQ was used to free the front end Heroku dynos from any heavy back end processing, essentially decoupling the front end from the back end.

“I’ve been around the developer block for 15 years and this combination of technologies rocks.” said Fergus Kelledy, Solutions Architect for ProQuest. “Since deployment and go live WorldRiderz has experienced 100% uptime and 0% data loss.”

“The reason we were keen to create a very robust infrastructure for WorldRiderz was because we knew that none other than Lance Armstrong was going to tweet the website to his [4 million] followers.” said Clive Roberts of ProQuest.

The Cloud Stack:

More at Heroku.

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