IronMQ Handles 100 Million Messages a Day reached a key milestone on Christmas Eve this year. IronMQ, our cloud-based message queue, reached its first 100 million messages per day mark. To put this in perspective, Salesforce recently announced it’s handling 1B transactions/day. Twitter has 140MM users tweeting 500MM times a day and Github records 500,000 events per day.
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Elastic, Highly Available Backend for Delayed Job: IronMQ

Want an easy, scalable, highly available, zero maintenance Delayed Job backend?  Look no further. Here’s a Delayed Job (DJ) backend gem that uses IronMQ. You can set it up in minutes and never have to worry about it again:

Delayed::Job IronMQ
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IronMQ + EngineYard


We’re pleased to announce IronMQ is now a preferred add-on on the Engine Yard platform.

IronMQ joins IronWorker on Engine Yard to let developers do even bigger things with their applications by providing industrial-strength ways to scale out processing and pass messages between independent processes.
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IronWorker and IronMQ now on AppFog

Today, we’re happy to announce that IronMQ and IronWorker are now included as supported add-ons for AppFog. We are very excited about this partnership because we share in the AppFog vision of creating fast, scalable and reliable applications in the cloud.
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