IronSharp — .NET Client Library for (a contribution from a user)

IronSharp is a great new contribution from a long-time supporter and user of IronMQ, IronWorker, and IronCache.

Jeremy Bell created IronSharp to provide updated access in .NET to all services. It’s a simple solid library that wraps the API calls for IronMQ, IronWorker, and IronCache and includes support for the latest features. (It also has a great logo and GitHub page.)

The .NET community is huge force in application development and in cloud computing. And while has existing libraries for .NET, IronSharp is an up-to-date addition that is bound to surpass them in popularity and find many fans and adherents.

About the IronSharp Creator

blankJeremy Bell is top .NET developer and principal architect at Terryberry Company. He lives in Grand Rapids, MI and his github handle is grcodemokey.


.NET Interface for IronMQ
.NET Interface for IronWorker
.NET Interface for IronCache
We’re grateful for the contribution (and the great logo!).

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