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Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.52.05 PMIntel launched the OpenStack Innovation Center to build new pools of developers who write applications that run on enterprise clouds, and who understand that as they write the code for these clouds, it’s based on best practices of operational experience.




Intel is also working with Mirantis, Rackspace and CoreOS to make OpenStack more enterprise-ready.

Cloud Application Architecture

When application architects understand what’s happening at the infrastructure level, they want to be able to affect those decisions to improve performance. If I see that a workload is affecting another workload, or a high-priority workload (such as payroll,) I need to make sure that my applications get access to the resources they need. Intel’s Resource Director has the ability to tie the RDT features up through the layers in the infrastructure stack so it can benefit the application. Workloads can also be placed to take advantage of specific performance gains offered by certain servers, such as those offering an expanded CPU instruction set.

Intelligent Enterprise Data Centers: SNAP

How can enterprise customers use these features? Intel has been working on these features sets for years, providing visibility into into their platform. SNAP is an Intel-authored open source telemetry framework that provides detail about what’s happening on their platform into the hands of developers, so that those developers can do something with it.

Visibility is key to better decision-making in the data center.

One of the key things our team thought about when launching SNAP is that agents are difficult to operationalize because they have to be maintained individually. We asked, how can we reduce the operational burden of telemetry to zero?

Intel + Event-driven Job Processing for Anyone’s Data Center is leveraging SNAP as the way to understand the landscape of the data center, to better land workers on hardware that provides the most advantageous instruction sets, from crypto to FPGA to a vector instruction set accelerator.

How Omaze Delivers Once in a Lifetime Experiences Using and Rackspace DevOps

Blow Sh*t Up with Arnold Schwarzenegger … Be Drawn Into an Episode of the Simpsons … Celebrate the Patriots Victory with Rob Gronkowski.

These aren’t even bucket list items, these are unattainable items. That is, until Omaze gets involved. Omaze is an organization that was founded to drive significantly more money and awareness for deserving causes through the chance to live out dream experiences.

Charities offer up personalized events with their celebrity partners where everyone has the chance to win by donating to the cause. Each experience offers a range of reward levels from signed t-shirts to personalized Skype sessions to Twitter mentions, and once the experience is placed up on the Omaze site, the countdown begins to the winner of the grand prize. The growing number of high profile celebrities participating to provide such unique opportunities begs the question – what’s your dream experience?

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How Vextras Integrates Multiple API’s with

[This post is part of a series of customer success stories that Chad Arimura is putting together highlighting key customers and how they are using to do some pretty big things.]

Vextras develops applications that help e-commerce store owners simplify their business processes. Their solutions connect online stores with other great SaaS apps like MailChimp, Highrise, Xero and Mandrill for a seamless transfer of information from one platform to another. In addition, they are developing an entire suite of tools that eliminate manual processes and allow store owners to run their businesses more efficiently. Continue reading “How Vextras Integrates Multiple API’s with”

Using IronMQ for Delayed Processing and Increasing Scale (repost from Rackspace Blog)

Here’s a post of ours on using IronMQ to increase scale that recently appeared on the Rackspace Developers DevOps blog. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to scale out background processing and quicken the user response loop. Continue reading “Using IronMQ for Delayed Processing and Increasing Scale (repost from Rackspace Blog)”

IronMQ Now Available on Rackspace ORD (Chicago)

We’re happy to announce that IronMQ is now available in the Rackspace Chicago (ORD) region. A year and a half ago, we launched IronMQ on Rackspace in their Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) region and today we’re expanding our footprint into another Rackspace data center.

Our mission for IronMQ is to be the message queue for the cloud, meaning we want to make it the best MQ around and make it available everywhere. Adding the Rackspace ORD region brings us one step closer to accomplishing that mission. Continue reading “IronMQ Now Available on Rackspace ORD (Chicago)” is now on Rackspace

We’re happy to announce that IronMQ, one of’s premier application services, is now included as a service within the Rackspace Cloud Tools program. We’re especially proud of this milestone because in addition to being multi-platform and multi-language, we are now also multi-cloud.

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