IronMQ Now Available on Rackspace ORD (Chicago)

We’re happy to announce that IronMQ is now available in the Rackspace Chicago (ORD) region. A year and a half ago, we launched IronMQ on Rackspace in their Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) region and today we’re expanding our footprint into another Rackspace data center.

Our mission for IronMQ is to be the message queue for the cloud, meaning we want to make it the best MQ around and make it available everywhere. Adding the Rackspace ORD region brings us one step closer to accomplishing that mission.

The ORD instance is running the latest version of IronMQ, version 3, which has all the latest and greatest features. Also, it’s running on Rackspace’s next generation servers (OpenStack) backed by SSD drives for highest performance.

Providing Choice and Enabling New Solutions

Providing service on multiple cloud infrastructure providers (AWS and Rackspace so far) and multiple regions within those providers not only gives our users more choice, but it also enables reliability and failover scenarios that would be otherwise extremely hard to pull off. Not only can you failover to different regions, but you can failover to an entirely different cloud provider! For instance, let’s say AWS has a major outage (I know, it’s pretty rare, but it does happen). You can failover to use one of our Rackspace IronMQ regions with very little effort, it’s simply a different host in your clients.

Providing choice and enabling solutions to scenarios like this is something only IronMQ can provide.

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