Best DevOps Tools

DevOps Tools

DevOps processes help companies to overcome the organizational challenges in an efficient, robust, and repeatable way. DevOps tools are a collection of complementary, task-specific tools that can be combined to automate processes. IronWorker and IronMQ are two DevOps tools from that can help your business save money and scale on demand. The following solutions…

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Securing Serverless

Guy Podjarny published a great blog post discussing the Serverless space from a security perspective. I highly recommend reading it as it touches on some great points, going over both the security benefits and possible risks. Two points he made definitely stood out to me, and the first was the concept of a greater attack…

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Defrag 2015: Our Favorites From Day Two

This post is a continuation of our Defrag 2015 coverage from yesterday. Read on to hear about our favorite talks from day two. Talks Where Does the Time Go? – Researching Top Activities At Work Lisa Kamm is a Product Manager at Google. She got involved with a project to figure out how Googler’s spend…

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Wanted to note that is now certified to US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks effective as of today, December 3, 2012. A small matter for developers in the US but an important one for users in the EU and Switzerland.

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