Upgrade to IronMQ v3 in Under 30 Minutes

Upgrade to IronMQ v3 Today!

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Earlier this week, Iron.io Customer Success Engineer JPK and I sat down with Michael Geneles and Stephen Kamenar from PitchBox to discuss their transition to IronMQ v3. Last Friday, they made the transition in less than 30 minutes! We were so impressed, we asked them for the details of their experience.

First, how does PitchBox leverage IronMQ? PitchBox helps marketers find online influencers. To accomplish that they crawl blogs and social media. Then, they run some fancy algorithms voodoo magic to process the results, and boom! Marketers are matched with their ideal influencers.

PitchBox’s dashboard is written in PHP. But, their crawler is an event driven NodeJS app. A couple thousand websites may need to be crawled and parsed at any given time.

Michael describes more in detail, “Obviously we can’t process that all once. Sometimes websites are down. IronMQ is a great way to store all of that information. PHP puts requests into the queue, and the NodeJS app consumes the requests and does the crawl.”

Stephen chimed in to add that PitchBox needed a solution that was both flexible and fast. Past experiences with other queue systems had shown good results speed-wise, but fallen flat on flexibility. IronMQ is a perfect fit.

Why v3?

PitchBox found they had some noisy neighbors on the public cloud offering. So, we suggested they bump over to IronMQ v3. It’s our enterprise grade queue that’s available to all Iron.io customers. Getting additional speed and robustness just takes a few minutes.

We asked Michael and Stephen if they hit any rough edges during their upgrade.

Michael obliged, “Yeah, we use you guys as a Pull Queue. I guess the reservation thing is brand new. Figuring out how to use reservation IDs took a little bit of a jump. But, aside from that, there’s not much to it.”

Sweet! But, what about the multiple languages? Was it a struggle getting both PHP and NodeJS converted?

Michael replied, “That’s one of the things we love about you guys, you support multiple languages.”

And Stephen chimed in, “Yeah! We had a PHP version to change, a NodeJS version to change, and switching all of them was really easy.”

Upgrade Today

There you have it! Upgrading to IronMQ v3 is fast and easy. Just ask the PitchBox guys.

If you’d like additional speed and safety, head over to our migration guide. It should cost you just a few short minutes.

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