Workers + NoSQL

Chad Arimura will be speaking at the MongoSF conference next Tuesday, May 24th. He’ll be showing off the combination of SimpleWorker and MongoDB. As databases moves to more elastic and sharded NoSQL solutions like MongoDB, more and more processing moves from the data tier to the application tier. This shift makes background processing queues an even more essential component to the modern web stack.

MongoSF promises to be a great conference. It’s one-day event and is extremely affordable. They initially planned for about 300 attendees. Response has been so great over the last month, they expanded it to 700+. Send us a note if you’ll be there. Also send us a note if you’d like to be there. We’re a sponsor and can provide a coupon code for a discount.

As an added bonus, here’s a glimpse of some advertising we’ve got in the works. You’ll be hearing and seeing more about workers this summer. Especially in the company of NoSQL and MongoDB.


UPDATE: We updated several of the worker examples to show the combination of SimpleWorker and MongoDB. Check out the MongoDB worker, the Klout MongoDB worker, and the IndexTank MongoDB worker. They all use MongoHQ, a pretty awesome hosted MongoDB service.

SimpleWorker Examples w/MongoDB

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