A Better Mobile Compute Cloud: NodeJS + Iron.io (repost from ShoppinPal)

There are number of tools for creating mobile apps but the one area that can be challenging is handling the background processing that takes place within mobile applications.

A popular mobile app, ShoppingPal, is using Iron.io to handle its background processing needs with great results. They wrote a recent post on their success in moving from Parse to Iron.io.

Here’s an excerpt:

We faced a challenge where incoming inventory updates for products weren’t processed in real time via parse triggers anymore… It was clear we weren’t going to grow if we stuck with Parse (background jobs) for our next set of retailers.

ShoppingPal + Iron.io : Better Background Processing

That’s when we ran into Iron and what a lucky coincidence that was!

They had queuing, they had workers, they had a default queue attached to their workers, they had public webhooks that would allow posting directly into a worker’s own queue.

We haven’t looked back since and if you’re finding worker based queuing and execution becomes a beast for your project then slay it with Iron.


About the ShoppingPal

blankShoppingPal provides mobile commerce capabilities that lets local retailers and online web sites offer state-of-art mobile storefronts.

About the Original Author

blankPulkit Singhal is a co-founder and CTO of ShoppingPal. He wears many hats ranging from UI design and development to optimizing back-end architecture. He is an avid blogger on technical subjects and is active in a number of open source communities and forums. (#Pulkit)

For another story on using Iron.io as a mobile compute cloud check out out post on the widely popular Untappd mobile app.


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