hosting CoreOS meetup – Speakers include Brandon Philips from CoreOS and Sam Ward from will be hosting a CoreOS meetup on this Monday, Sept. 8th. Brandon Philips, CTO of CoreOS, will be a speaker as will representatives from DigitalOcean and Citrix.

Sam Ward, Senior Ops Engineer at, will also be giving a talk. We're at the early stages of using CoreOS but we're liking what we're seeing. Here is a description of what he'll cover:

8:00 - 8:30 pm + CoreOS

blankSam Ward will give an overview of's evolving operations environment and how CoreOS fits these requirements. He'll comment on the technical merits of CoreOS and discuss's use of Docker to ship and manage their cloud service apps and worker environments.  He will also discuss consistency, high availability, and fault tolerance as factors of application design, and how CoreOS makes it easy to bake these properties into your application.

CoreOS Meetup

Date:  Monday, September 8, 2014
Time: 6-9pm
Location: Heavybit Industries, 325 9th Street, San Francisco, CA

More Details: CoreOS + DigitalOcean Meetup

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