A Reminder App using Ruby, Google Docs, SendGrid, and Iron.io (SendGrid repost)

Nick Quinlan from SendGrid put out a nice post the other day on a simple app he created to email him daily goals. It's a short post but with some solid code behind it which adds a lot of value in our minds. (It's one thing talk about tech but it's another to turn it into a code example.) Thank you for that, Nick.


SendGrid Code Example using Iron.io

Email Your Goals Using Ruby, Google Docs, SendGrid, and Iron.io 

The hack, which I’m calling Daily Goals, emails you every day with a selection of your goals for personal growth. It’s written in Ruby and relies on Iron.io to run it every day.

All the code you need to get this working is on GitHub. I’ll highlight the key lines with links below.

I decided to keep my goals in a spreadsheet in Google Drive so that I can easily change them as I need to. Luckily, there’s a gem to interact with the service. Using this gem we can log into Google, grab the spreadsheet, and read the list of goals. From there we select a random goal from each category. Once we have our goals from Google, all that’s left is to throw it into a nice email and send it off with SendGrid.

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About the Developer/Author 
Nick Quinlan is a SendGrid Developer Evangelist based out of San Francisco. He works to make developers lives easier by providing them with the help they need to grow their ideas. Give him a shout, @YayNickQ.

UPDATE: Nick will be one of the featured speakers at the January SFRails meetup that Iron.io organizes. He'll be talking about email best practices. It's a great group with some terrific speakers and so stop by if you're in the neighborhood.

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