Airbrake Agent for New Relic (produced by created an Airbrake agent for the New Relic platform. You can see the full post about it on the Airbrake site. Here's an excerpt.


Airbrake NewRelic Add-on has created a great new Airbrake agent for the New Relic platform. The agent grabs data from your Airbrake account and uploads it into New Relic. It does this on a continuous schedule so that you have up-to-the minute graphs and details on error data in New Relic without having to do a thing.
The New Relic platform is a new offering from New Relic that lets third-party tools and services upload performance metrics into New Relic – providing a sole dashboard for viewing application performance. Having performance information in a single place can be essential for identifying and resolving issues before they become critical. Plus you get New Relic world-class graphs and visualizations.
The agent runs transparently on the IronWorker platform so all you need to do is set up a free account and enter New Relic and Airbrake credentials and, boom, you’re up and running.



What It Does
As you know, Airbrake is the top service for collecting errors generated by applications and aggregating the results for review. The Airbrake agent for New Relic tracks
  • Open errors
  • Resolved errors
  • Project stats
  • Environment stats

How To Use the Airbrake Agent

Using the Airbrake agent is simple. Just go to the Airbrake Agent plugin page  on the New Relic site. You’ll be prompted to create an account and to enter your New Relic and Airbrake credentials. Once you hit “Start Agent” it will start uploading data from Airbrake to New Relic. It’s that simple. has a free plan that is more than sufficient for to power the Airbrake agent.
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To take advantage of the special offer for the New Relic Standard plan (free, forever instead of the normal price of $49/month/host), head to the New Relic site.
New Relic Standard (Special Offer)
To get the Airbrake Agent and the other plugins, head to the New Relic platform (as well as click on the plugins tab in their dashboard).
Airbrake Agent on New Relic
To view the code for the Airbrake plugin, visit the repo on GitHub.
Airbrake Plugin on GitHub 

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