@ DevBeat 2013 (talking about Go)


DevBeat 2013 - Nov 12-13th be at the DevBeat 2013 conference in San Francisco on Nov 12-13th. It's a great conference for experienced developers and includes a number of top developer speakers – including Travis Reeder,'s CTO.

Travis will be talking about's use of Go in production. It's been two years from what at the time was a risky move. It's turned out, however, to be a very good decision (as detailed here and here). Travis will expanding on the reasons why and will go in-depth on why we, and many others, believe Go will be powering many of the high-scale cloud applications and services of the future.

DevBeat 2013

DevBeat is a prime event for experienced developers who are looking to expand their knowledge into new areas – new languages, security, hardware, and team management.

Speakers include:
• Tim Bray, Dev Advocate, Google
• Tom Preston-Werner, Co-Founder & CEO, GitHub
• Richard Stallman, Founder, Free Software Foundation
• Rasmus Lerdorf, Creator, PHP
• David Heinemeir Hansson, Creator, Ruby on Rails
• Raymond Camden, Senior Developer Evangelist, Adobe
Travis Reeder, Co-Founder & CTO,
• Jeff Lawson, Co-Founder and CEO, Twilio
• Alex Payne, Programmer, Writer & Angel Investor
• Jonathan LeBlanc, Principal Developer Evangelist, PayPal
• Eric Minick, DevOps Evangelist, IBM
• See them all here


Agenda – Tuesday, November 12th

Travis will be there most likely in an t-shirt. Look for him if you want to talk about message queueing, async processing, or Go. (Or just get on a list for the next run of t-shirts.) (@treeder)

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