Blacksmith – an IronMQ client for .NET

Blacksmith is a .NET client for IronMQ that was created by Khalid Abuhakmeh from Aqua Bird Consulting. Khalid recently posted a great article on the reasons behind it and how to use it.

Blog Post on BlackSmith (Tech.Pro)

What's interesting is that Aqua Bird added some capabilities of their own into the client including serialization specific to .Net as well as automatic deletes (IronMQ has a get-delete paradigm to allow for messages to timeout and get placed back on the queue.) While there should be some caution around certain customizations (i.e. automatic deletes take away from the benefits that message timeouts provide), we can't argue with people that make the effort to customize clients to fit their needs. In fact, we're pretty psyched that Aqua Bird took this on.

Here are some excerpts from the post.

The Basics
IronMQ is all based on a REST API. You can perform the following actions:

  • Publish a message
  • Consume a message(s)
  • Defer a message to be published (my favorite)
  • Have messages Webhooked to your application (second favorite)

Queues are super simple with IronMQ. They are just URL endpoints.
      /projects/{Project ID}/queues/{Queue Name}

All data in IronMQ is JSON, so it offers a compact serialization format that is supported by all languages at this point.

If you've wanted to play with queues but didn't want to setup local servers or your development environment, then IronMQ is a super simple no risk way to get started. Blacksmith was built specifically to help you get started, but supports all scenarios provided by IronMQ, so you can grow into the feature set as you need it.


Blacksmith Source Code / NuGet Installation

The Blacksmith library source code can be found on GitHub but you can also jump right in at



IronMQ Client for .Net Developers ( Installation)

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