GoSF Meetup: Canonical + Go 1.1 + a growing Go community

Travis Reeder from Iron.io kicks off the GoSF Meetup (5/9)

Iron.io is the lead organizer of GoSF – which is a meetup specially centered around Go programming language. GoSF has been around for just over a year and it's apparent it's becoming a key group within the developer community.

We base this view not just on the growing attendance (our most recent meetup was packed) but also by the large number of well-known companies lining up to give presentations on their use of Go.

The latest GoSF meetup was this past Thursday, 5/9.

Packed house at Heavybit Industries

David Cheney from Canonical gave the first talk and addressed the rewrite of Juju from Python to Go, including details on the refactoring process plus the gains they've seen. As background, David is member of the Juju team at Canonical and a committer on the Go project.

Andrew Gerrand talks Go 1.1

Andrew Gerrand followed up in the second talk telling the group about all the good stuff coming in Go 1.1. His talk definitely piqued the interest of the people in the audience, especially when he addressed the performance gains they're seeing with the new version – upwards of 30% in some cases. Andrew works in Google Sydney on Go and is one of the language's top evangelists and a core contributor to Golang.org blog.

The talks can be seen on YouTube here.


For details on Iron.io's use of Go, check out Travis' post on How We Went from 30 Servers to 2 using Go.

And while you're at it, sign up for the GoSF and become part of a growing community of top Go developers.


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