Creating Microservices in Laravel (repost)

We came across a great tech post the other day by developer and writer Alfred Nutile. His post describes a simple process for doing background processing and creating microservices within Laravel, a fantastic PHP framework for modern web developers.

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How HotelTonight Streamlined their ETL Process Using IronWorker

HotelTonight has reinvented the task of finding and booking discounted hotel rooms at travel destinations. Designed for last-minute travel planners and optimized for the mobile era, HotelTonight connects adventure-seeking, impulse travelers with just-in-time available hotel rooms wherever they land.

This model has the market-enhancing effect of reducing excess inventory of unused hotel rooms, while delivering a seamless user experience and deep discount for budget travelers who enjoy impulse travel and adventure. What most travelers may not realize, is that behind the scenes at HotelTonight lies a massive business intelligence system that uses a sophisticated cloud-based ETL platform that collects, converts, and stores data from multiple external services.

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Roam Directories Goes Serverless With and Other Cloud Services

Users expect immediate access to information, and this expectation is no different in the commercial real estate industry. Fast-moving companies need innovative web tools that enable property managers to upload, update and exchange building information with prospective tenants.

Roam Directories, founded in 2013, is a relatively new company in an industry filled with established firms. They created a commercial real estate directory that provides unique and engaging experiences for prospective tenants, while empowering property managers to deliver a rich set of materials that provide an enhanced view of a property.

To make this possible, Roam Directories built the Atlas directory, an interactive, digital touchscreen display that shows building tenants, visitors, and prospective tenants up-to-date photos, videos, architectural drawings, and other materials about the building they are visiting. The Atlas interface design and workflow that Roam Directories created for property managers is a big part of their success. Also key is the way they address process automation and IT infrastructure management to keep information up to date. The combination gives them fast innovation and reduced costs that lets Roam Directories offer the Atlas service at a highly competitive price.

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Why Large Scale Drupal Users Need To Increase Application Responsiveness

We’re always pleased to receive stories about how products have helped make peoples’ lives easier. This is the story about how Schwartz Media from the land down under, addressed the challenging task of managing and deploying multiple Drupal sites on the Pantheon platform.

Owen Kelly is the Director of Technology at Schwartz Media, publisher of The Saturday Paper, the Monthly and Quarterly Essay. Owen and his team brought IronMQ into their Pantheon-based framework to manage Push queues for processing PHP jobs. These jobs perform a variety of tasks, all processing in the background.

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Microservices for Good: How Angel Flight West Uses Technology to Help People in Need

With the holiday season upon us, we thought it would be a fitting time to to highlight a wonderful non-profit organization and how they use technology for a great purpose.

Angel Flight West : A Mission for Good

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How Uses Node.js and IronWorker to Handle Their Background Processing

The following is a guest blog post by Thomas Shafer describing how deploys their workers within to handle all of their background processing. is the only true developer-focused live streaming service. We offer APIs and SDKs for all mobile platforms and language frameworks and let developers build and ship live-streaming capabilities with just a few simple steps. Continue reading “How Uses Node.js and IronWorker to Handle Their Background Processing”

A Better Mobile Compute Cloud: NodeJS + (repost from ShoppinPal)

There are number of tools for creating mobile apps but the one area that can be challenging is handling the background processing that takes place within mobile applications.

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How One Developer Serves Millions of Beers: Untappd +

Untappd – The Mobile App for Beer Lovers

Untappd provides a mobile check-in application for beer lovers. Their application has been downloaded by over a million users and on any given night, they can register over 300,000 individual checkins and social sharing events.

The Untappd application lets users record their beer selections, share their likes with friends, win rewards, get recommendations, and participate in a shared passion of beer with others around the world. A solid design, a fun set of features, and a responsive application are just a few of the reasons they’re one of the fasting growing entertainment-based social communities. Continue reading “How One Developer Serves Millions of Beers: Untappd +”

Go, IronWorker, and SendGrid at Gengo (a repost)

Shawn Smith from Gengo recently wrote a post on their use of Go, the programming language that we also use at for our backend services. (Gengo is a popular people-powered translation platform based in Tokyo and San Mateo.)The post discusses several of the apps where they’re using Go including a deployment app and several conversions of PHP and Python apps. The one that caught our attention is their use of Go with IronMQ and SendGrid to send out large volumes of emails to their user base.Here’s an excerpt from the post:

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Getting Pushy with Symfony2! (guest post)

This is a guest post from Keith Kirk who is VP Engineering at Underground Elephant. 

Message queues are not a new concept – neither is Push Notifications and surely not HTTP Posts for that matter. However, when you combine these ideas you have a very flexible queueing system.

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