DockerCon 2019 Unofficial Drink-Up Wrap

In short, it rocked! We had a great time with old and new friends alike. Thanks to everyone who made it awesome, not the least of which were our co-sponsors CircleCI and Sauce Labs. From interesting (and sometimes downright hilarious) conversations, to just shooting some billiards, it was a memorable and enjoyable night.

The sights and sounds at Tabletop Tap House’s swag was off the charts! (Did it have anything to do with our branded flasks being full of bourbon?…Nah, definitely not. No way.) Our shirts were also a hit, so a big shout out to our creative department for their efforts in creating them. Was it the best in DockerCon? Who knows. Was is pretty cool to give away some free stuff to DockerCon attendees and friends? Yes.

We look forward to the next event with our amazing clients, friends and associates! Until next time, so long!

Just look at those beautiful T-Shirts!

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