Evan Shaw speaking at Gopher SummerFest

Evan Shaw, one of Iron.io's top systems engineer, is speaking at the Gopher SummerFest on June 23rd. The event is produced by GoSF, the largest Go language user group in the world, and sponsored by Google and Iron.io.

GoSF is approaching 1200 members and comprised of CTOs, engineering heads, system architects, and developers from around the San Francisco Bay Area. (If there's a group more experienced with modern system architectures, we'd like to see it.)

The list of speakers and topics include many of the leading voices in the Go community.
•  Talk 1: Andrew Gerrand, Google – The State of Go
•  Talk 2: Derek Collison – Go at Apcera
•  Talk 3: Evan Shaw – Go at Iron.io
•  Talk 4: Blake Mizerany – Go at CoreOS
•  Talk 5: Matt Aimonetti – Go at Splice

Evan will be talking about testing Go applications. Specifically, he'll go over the use of the testing/quick package, a useful tool in a developer's testing toolbox, demonstrate an extension to shrink test cases, and share how we're using it to find bugs in Iron.io's distributed architecture.

About the Speaker – Evan Shaw
blankEvan is a systems and lead engineer at Iron.io. He has a background in embedded software, systems programming, and C/C++ programming. In Go's early years, he was the top non-Google contributor to the Go programming language. He splits his time at Iron.io between building system-level features and making components more high-performance and durable.

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