Heroku + SimpleWorker = General Availability

SimpleWorker is now available as General Availability in the Heroku Add-ons Catalog!

In other words, we're out of private beta and anyone can sign up for use with Heroku. W00t!


SimpleWorker is a fully featured worker system that runs elastically on the cloud. Like Delayed_job, you can pass off work asynchronously to run in the background, but with SimpleWorker you can execute hundreds of jobs in parallel!

  • Run background jobs in the cloud
  • Easy to use, little to install or setup (except your API keys)
  • Advanced scheduling - one-time in the future, recurring schedule, and more
  • Massively parallel - queue up as many jobs as you want
  • Cost effective - $0.05 per hour billed by the second so you really only pay for what you use. If you only use 1 minute per hour you only pay $0.0008 per hour.

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