SimpleWorker is a Citrix Accelerator Finalist!

We’re proud to announce that SimpleWorker is a finalist in the Citrix Global Challenge 2011.  Hundreds of companies were vetted and distilled down to 12 finalists based on a number of criterion, a couple of which I will highlight.

Emphasis on solving business problems

Background processing is hard.  Scaling it it is even harder.  We solve that problem by leveraging economies of scale and cloud technologies so our users don’t have to.  This allows SimpleWorker customers to focus on creating value for their own customers quicker without worrying about background processing.

A superior user experience

The user experience starts the second the first worker is queued and ran.  We often hear these users say “wow, and it ran just like that?”.  The experience continues through our UI as you peel the layers of the onion back to reveal everything about your workers: status, logs, analytics, etc.  We’ll continue to innovate and improve this experience to bring more value to the table.

We’re grateful to Citrix for their validation of our mission and are super excited to continue in our goal of providing the very best background processing service.


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