Holiday Hack Winners!

After a great holiday season and a minor delay in judging, the results are in!

1st:  Iron TicTacToe
2nd: HackerNews Sentiment Analysis
3rd: Iron Unfollow

Winner: Iron TicTacToe
Built by: David Jones

Simple hackathon project to implement "parallel game tree search" for TicTacToe using IronWorker, IronCache, IronMQ, and SendGrid.

The parallel algorithm has 2 main parts. The first part expands the game tree. The second part passes the results from finished games (at the leaves) back up the tree towards the root. In the middle of the game tree search, some IronWorkers are busy expanding one part of the game tree while other IronWorkers are busy passing results up another part of the game tree. The algorithm finishes when all the results are reported back to the root, and an email is sent with the final solution.

Try it out here:

2nd Place: HN Sentiment Analysis
Built by: Martin Gingras

Searches Hacker News ( for posts with a keyword that you enter, parses the text of post(if any) and comments on the post then analyzes them for positive/negative keywords to try to get a grasp of the communities sentiment towards a certain topic.

Try it out here:

3rd Place: IronUnfollow
Built by: Matthias Sieber

The purpose of IronUnfollow is to declutter the user's Twitter account. My goal was to get down the num
ber of people I follow down significantly. Before I started writing this useful script, I was following over 2,000 people. Now I'm following less than 150 actual people and can actually see some meaningful and interesting tweets that make me want to interact with my following.

Try it out here:

Honorable Mention: Telephone-Pictionary 
Built By: Feather Knee

An online game of Telephone Pictionary. A player is texted by the previous player and prompted to submit a phrase or a drawing based on what the previous player wrote or said.

Try it out here:

Congratulations to all and thanks again to our partners New Relic, SendGrid, GitHub, and Twilio!


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