Need a Mobile Backend? Try OpenShift. (SendGrid article)

SendGrid on Mobile Backend Services

SendGrid put out a nice post on their blog the other day on what to look for with mobile backends.

Kunal Batra is a developer evangelist at-large for SendGrid and did some work with Redhat’s OpenShift platform recently.

In the post, Kunal lays out a simple case for why this platform plus services such as, SendGrid, Twilio, and PubNub can make for a compelling mobile backend service.

Here’s a few of the requirements that Kunal lists as important.

IronMQ is listed in the message queue section as the primary option.

  • Storage of Custom Objects
  • Spatial/Geo Support
  • Real-time Push Notifications
  • Message Queues
  • Communication Outside the App

Distributed Systems Point the Way

The movement away from developing a monolithic app to service-driven approaches is already happening. The emergence of mobile as a dominant client interface is only quickening the pace.
Modern application – and mobile apps – in particular need to be built from the ground up as distributed asynchronous systems. IronMQ (and IronWorker) can serve as core components in these types of architectures, handling the stream of incoming events and processing all the work that these events trigger.
Kunal’s post is a good read on this shift in mobile (and all app) development. Connect with us if you’d like to talk more about building distributed high-scale systems. It’s a topic near to our hearts.

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