How Iron Helps You Integrate Your Mail Queue With SendGrid.

How Iron Helps You Integrate Your Mail Queue With SendGrid.

Some marketers believe that social media will soon dominate how companies and customers communicate with each other. While social media will definitely play a role, you cannot forget about the importance of email. Practically everyone uses email, so it makes sense for companies to adopt flexible email marketing solutions like SendGrid.

Before you commit to SendGrid or any message processing service, read the following tutorial so you will know how to integrate your mail queue with SendGrid.

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What Is SendGrid?

How Iron Helps You Integrate Your Mail Queue With SendGrid.

SendGrid is a marketing email platform built for today's tech-savvy companies. Its products include:

  • Email marketing
  • Email API
  • Programmable SMS

Developers often prefer SendGrid because it offers flexible deployment options that they can connect to event webhooks and SMTP services. The SendGrid API reference also makes it relatively easy for developers to connect existing applications to the service.

SendGrid also appeals to developers because it supports such a diverse number of languages, including:

  • PHP
  • NODE
  • GO
  • Curl
  • Python
  • C#
  • Java
  • Ruby

You can explore all of SendGrid's supported languages on GitHub. No matter what language you prefer, SendGrid can conform to it.

Problems You Could Encounter With a Large Email Queue Job

Despite SendGrid's robust flexibility, its success often depends on how well you configure it with your local mail server. More often than not, your issues will start when you send a large volume of emails to your customers. Whether you use Amazon Simple Email Service, Gmail, Microsoft, or a different mail server, you could experience:

  • Return void failures
  • Queuing delays
  • Timeout failures
  • Retry failures

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Considerations Before You Config SendGrid and Your Message Queue

Not all problems originate from your SendGrid-Message Queue configuration. A small issue with your customer contact list, for instance, could prevent emails from reaching recipients. If you use an open-source relational database like MySQL, check your fields for accuracy.

You will also need to check your server config for errors in:

  • localhost
  • sendemail
  • sendmail
  • namespace
  • addminutes
  • shouldqueue
  • serializesmodels
  • mail facade
  • param
  • local interfaces
  • readhost
  • mailname
  • smarthost

You can find several configuration examples on the SendGrid Knowledge Center.

SendGrid gives you plenty of email templates, so double-check the one you use. The slightest mistake could affect the functionality of how SendGrid coordinates with your queue driver.

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Optimizing Your Message Queue and SendGrid Using Iron

Optimizing Your Message Queue and SendGrid Using Iron

SendGrid can only do its job well when it has a message queue dispatching all the right messages to the correct email addresses.

Iron has a history of working with some of the most noteworthy communication tools. For example, Laravel clients have fast, large-scale PHP file posting for years with help from Laravel queue and other services like Redis offer some advantages, but they rarely reach the full functionality of tools.

IronMQ and IronWorker have several advantages over other queueable tools. It's impossible to overstate the importance of Iron and SendGrid integration. Developers will also recognize the benefits of choosing Iron's language-agnostic, multi-language environment.

Other benefits of integrating SendGrid with Iron include:

  • Asynchronously run code that gets work done quickly.
  • A command-line interface (CLI) to deploy tasks to Iron's cloud, including SendGrid jobs like schedule, repeat, and process.
  • Node.js runtime that's compatible with SendGrid's Node.js library.

Check out some excellent ways SendGrid and work together by visiting this GitHub page. You'll discover tips to make "IronGrid" more reliable, locate the SendGrid library for Python, and how to use configuration files.

Ensure Reliable Email Sending With Iron

SendGrid is an excellent tool for communicating with customers, keeping them interested in your brand, and driving conversions. has been working with SendGrid for so long because the company recognizes SendGrid's advantage. You can make the tool even more effective for your marketing by pairing it with Iron's products.

Still not sure that has the right functionality for your SendGrid needs? We love answering questions from curious professionals who want to make smart choices. Schedule a demo so you can talk to an Iron representative about your needs and concerns.

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