IronWorker CaaS Worker: Celery Setup

In this article, we will tell you the steps you need to set up Celery for IronWorker.

Celery is a tasks worker in python; it can work with Redis, RabbitMQ, or other Message-Queues.

To implement Celery worker server, you need to have a machine with python and Redis installed on it, or you can use Cloud RabbitMQ.

The following steps will show the basic steps need to write your first Celery Worker server code.

1. Create a new Python project

- Create a new Directory “WorkerApp”
- Create new python virtual env $ virutalenv workerapp
- Activate the virtualenv $ source workerapp/bin/activate - install celery $ pip install celery
- install python-redis extension $ pip install redis

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2. Write the Code

Will write a simple code that defines the task function, and will run celery worker as the server configured to use local redis.

IronWorker CaaS Worker: Celery Setup

3. Run the Celery worker

To start the server run inside the python virutalenv $ celery -A tasks worker --loglevel=inf0

IronWorker CaaS Worker: Celery Setup

4. Queue a message

On another terminal select the python virutalenv, and call the function “Run.delay([MESSAGE])}
Celery decorator adds “delay” method to the function for running in asynchronous mode

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5. Notes

Celery is another lightweight tool for rapid implementation of Worker system if you are familiar with Python and can dedicate a server to run the worker and its dependencies.

It can use Redis, RabbitMQ, or Amazon SQS more on supported brokers here:

6. Pros & Cons

Pros of Celery is that it’s a fast worker tool that works with multiple Message-Queue, suitable for the application-level worker solutions written in Python.

Cons is that it requires a server to run and has several dependencies.

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