How Kuhcoon uses IronWorker and Node.js to improve social media advertising

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Kuhcoon offers a suite of tools built around the management and optimization of social media advertising for businesses. They provide two tools – a basic social media management application that is used for managing, publishing, and tracking earned social media campaigns, and an intelligent Facebook Ads Platform that lets users easily create and manage paid social ad campaigns while receiving automated help and spending optimization. Both services are growing in popularity and require constant account updates and voluminous data collection.


Charles Szymanski
CTO, Kuhcoon

Chad Arimura caught up with Charles (CJ) Szymanski, CTO of Kuhcoon, to talk about his challenges and how helped him build a reliable and scalable worker system. Here's what CJ had to say:

Tell us about the challenges you were facing with Node.js worker queues.
One of the major problems we had was developing/finding an easy to implement a solution for creating worker queues using Node.js. All of the worker queues that we could find that were open source were unstable or provided very low performance. We needed a solution to create a scalable data processing backend without having to sink hundreds of hours of development time into creating our own. Compared to IronWorker, all other solutions were unstable and untrackable.
Why choose provided an easy to use dashboard to track workers, errors, program speed, and other metrics. This improved the development process of workers and allowed for a full proof product backend that could easily be managed by a small team. With an SaaS product in the digital marketing space, companies depend on reliability of code, seeing as how one mistake could mean a massive marketing disaster. met this reliability standard plus provided email updates and log data to instantly track issues and fix any problems.

How does IronWorker help you process social data?

IronWorker is used to collect and process data from numerous outside sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other social marketing data sources. It then processes and saves the data to be used on the front end.

The system is controlled by a single worker that is scheduled to continually run and schedule other smaller workers to perform specific tasks at different time periods. This set up has provided a way to easily collect millions of data points daily without a single issue.

How much data do you process and how does help you scale? 
Kuhcoon now processes 1000's of user accounts daily, collecting and combing through millions of data points. The platform allows our development team to develop, test, and push production worker code in a fraction of the time that older systems used to take.


Kuhcoon Improves Social Marketing

Our worker processes use Node.js to make asynchronous calls to multiple API end points at once and can now collect hundreds of data points during a single worker cycle that takes less than 2 seconds.

With the scalability of the platform and the ability to run 1000's of concurrent workers at any given time, truly does deliver the perfect asynchronous worker platform.

Nicely said, CJ.

To learn more about how Kuhcoon can help your business manage its social media advertising, visit learn more about how IronMQ and IronWorker can help your app effortlessly scale to thousands of concurrent workers, please visit today.

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