#IronHack Showcase

During these holidays We here at Iron.io challenged programmers sipping on eggnog, snowed in, stuck in airports, hanging out in sweatpants, and mellowing out to the third marathon of Home Alone to hack on a project for the holidays.

These are some of the projects we wanted to share with the public!

HN Sentiment Analysis
Searches Hacker News (https://news.ycombinator.com/news) for posts with a keyword that you enter, parses the text of post(if any) and comments on the post then analyzes them for positive/negative keywords to try to get a grasp of the communities sentiment towards a certain topic.
Martin Gingras

Iron TicTacToe

Simple hackathon project to implement "parallel game tree search" for TicTacToe using IronWorker, IronCache, IronMQ, and SendGrid.

David Jones

IronUnfollowThe purpose of IronUnfollow is to declutter the user's Twitter account.
Matthias Sieber


Ping Transmit. This past summer I was maintaining a test environment where the most reliable thing was the internet connection. I started with a ping script that stored pings locally, in a text file.blank

Bill Eichin

GitHub monitorAdds a github project to monitor.
Borja Roux

An online game of Telephone Pictionary. A player is texted by the previous player and prompted to submit a phrase or a drawing based on what the previous player wrote or said.https://telephone-pictionary.herokuapp.com/
Feather Knee


An innovative bookmarking 2.0 service that lets you 'gather' links as you browse the web.

Https://www.teragulp.com/account/login (Use "gather" as the invite code)
S Sriram

Results from our remote judging is scheduled to conclude at the end of this week.

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