@ Compute Midwest will be in the Rust Belt this weekend for Compute Midwest 2012. It's a 3-day event in Kansas City, starting with a conference on Friday, Nov 9th and continuing with a hackathon on Sat through Sun.

It's hosted by the Kansas City IT Professionals (KCITP), a grassroots group of 9500+ led by Michael Gelphman. We're excited about meeting the developers in the area and connecting with some of the companies who are putting the midwest front and center on the cloud IT map. @ Compute Midwest 2012

Speakers and Conference
Some of the speakers include Dan Lavin, COO of Box, Ben Milne, CEO of Dwolla, Brad Abrams from the Google Platform team, Scott Chacon, CIO of GitHub, Jason Hoffman, CTO of Joyent, and Zach Kaplan, CEO of Inventables. Here's the description of the conference:

Get ready to be inspired at Compute Midwest 2012, happening at the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts. Learn about what's next in technology – straight from tech leaders, startup founders, and visionaries. Hear stories directly from innovators who are building companies that change our life, our work, and our business. Gain insight into their vision for the future, learn where technology is going, and discover how Kansas City can capitalize on Google Fiber.

Hackathon w/Google Fiber
The big draw at the hackathon, besides the prizes and API sponsors, will be the use of Google Fiber. This ultra-high speed connection promises to bring out some awesome big data and realtime applications – a number of which we're hoping will be using to power either the large-scale or asynchronous processing that'll be taking place in the background. What better way to make use of Google Fiber than to do things in parallel and pass work to thousands of cores.
Hackathon Sponsors
The sponsors of the API prizes make up a good list. We've worked with many of them in the past and are really looking forward to helping power some great applications here. Go midwest!
We apologize in advance if we make one too many Iron and Rust Belt references while there. 

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