Drinkup – Booze Queues’ Edition

In keeping with all the love going around today, wanted to let you know about an Drinkup we're hosting with our friends at Keen IO next week (Wed, Feb 19th). It'll be at our offices at Heavybit. In keeping with the theme, here are details in the form of some JSON. Drink up.

  event: {
    name: "Booze Queues' Happy Data Hour",
    type: "meetup",
    pretty_timestamp: "Wednesday, February 19th, 6:30pm-8:30pm",
    location: {
      venue :"Heavybit",
      street_address: "325 9th Street",
      city: "San Francisco",
      state: "CA",
      zip: 94103
    beer: true,
    snacks: true,
    good_times: true,
    host: " & Keen IO"

Other Events Next Week

We also have a couple other events going on next week with our Iron faithful.

    1. Wednesday, Feb 19th GoSF meetup at Heroku


      • Food & Drink!
      • Talk 1: Building Distributed Systems with Mesos + Go
      • Talk 2: Stream Multiplexing in Go
      • Talk 3: Dependency Management


  • Food & Drink!
  • Talk 1: Caching and HTTP Acceleration with Varnish
  • Talk 2: Introduction to Docker + Tips on using Docker
  • Tech Talk: GitHub repo discovery via Sourcegraph
So, join us and introduce yourself to one of our evangelists (@yaronsadka and @stephenitis)...they might have a couple shirts to dish out.

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