Go Sessions: Teaching Go to Experienced Devs (via GoSF)

As a result of the growing interest in Go, Travis Reeder and other GoSF organizers have decided to create a program within GoSF to teach Go programming concepts and fundamentals. We're calling them Go Sessions and they consist of evening guided pair-programming sessions.

Iron.io is one of main organizers of the GoSF meetup and we've seen the group grown tremendously over the past year. It's not too surprising given the number of developers in the SF Bay Area who are looking at Go as a solution to address scalability and core server-side processing needs. The number of companies that are using Go in production is pretty impressive. Besides Iron.io, the list includes Heroku, Apcera, Bitly, Sourcegraph, Canonical, Pivotal, and many more.

About Go Sessions

blankThe Go Sessions are targeted towards experienced developers – developers who have built production systems and who know their way around server-side components. Expert Go developers will lead the sessions and run participants through Go compiling, dependency management, program structure, concurrency, and more.

blankSessions will be held on a regular basis and at-large spots available as well as slots for workgroups and companies who are exploring the use of Go in production.

Go Session #1

The first session is sponsored by Rackspace and Airbrake and will be held on Wed, March 5th at Sourcegraph. Quinn Slack, Beyang Liu, and Yin Wang from Sourcegraph will host and run the first Go Session. Travis Reeder and Sidney Zhang from Iron.io will be on hand as well to assist.

You can see more details on the GoSF event page. Given the popularity of Go, we have no doubt they'll be popular events.

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