Ironclad Cloud Application Services

It's with great pleasure that we present to you our new brand and website, As a cloud application services provider, our goal is to eliminate having to worry about managing and scaling complex infrastructure.  Instead we want developers to focus on building great applications.

What about SimpleWorker?

Our first service SimpleWorker, which over the last year has become the trusted leader in background processing in the cloud, will become IronWorker. The name is in keeping with the brand which was chosen to stand for our continued dedication to providing ironclad, durable cloud services. IronWorker is the same great service and will continue to improve as we introduce more power, more clouds, and more great features that developers love.

Our Newest Service

blankWe are also announcing our newest service IronMQ, an elastic cloud message queue for the orchestration of messages and event flow within and between cloud apps and systems. Messaging is a critical component to any app stack, and implementing, scaling, and monitoring critical message queues just got easier with IronMQ.

Why IronMQ? 

For starters, we eliminate the need for infrastructure, so it only takes a few minutes to get a scalable, elastic, and persistent message queue. We also provide monitoring, a UI, and portability through a standards-based no-lockin approach. For example, you can use the Beanstalkd client libraries and be up and running with IronMQ within minutes and even switch out to another MQ if you'd like.

Our Pledge

Finally, on top of two great services, our new brand is a pledge to providing outstanding customer care. Without a growing list of passionate users, we'd just be "cool" technologies rather than game-changing elastic services, and truth be told, we're here to change the game.

Our doors are always open. Join us in our public chat room or email me directly at chad [at] You can Sign up here for a free account at and within minutes seeing the power of background processing and message queues as a service!

Say NO to infrastructure.

Chad Arimura,
Co-Founder & CEO


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