IronWorker has a Shiny New Gem and a Shiny New API

Version 2 of the SimpleWorker API is now available featuring many new functions, a bunch of new documentation, and not to mention it is a LOT faster and more robust as it is has been rewritten from the ground up. And all this comes along with a shiny new Ruby gem.

The new gem uses the new API and here’s the benefits to you:

  • Better performance: we changed the underlying HTTP library that uses native curl meaning you can queue up jobs a lot faster than before
  • Better performance: the new API is a lot faster and has much better response times so the gem benefits by default
  • Better security: SSL and it’s enabled by default
  • Better authentication: The new API uses Oauth2 authentication making it much simpler to work with
NOTE: You will need to update the authentication parameters in your configuration block to use the new gem. Please check this upgrade guide to see how to do this.
SimpleWorker gem on Rubygems:
SimpleWorker gem on github: