is a cloudControl Add-on

cloudControl has teamed with to make IronWorker and IronMQ supported add-ons within the cloudControl platform. cloudControl is one of the leading cloud platforms in Europe with thousands of energetic developers building applications and making heavy use of cloud resources and cloud services. fits perfectly into this picture.

cloudControl offers hassle-free agile deployment along with rock-solid app server autoscaling. supercharges the cloudControl platform by providing their developers with a fast and serverless way to scale-out their processing and use do things asynchronously and in parallel.
With IronWorker, they can run thousands of tasks in parallel and shrink the duration of a set of tasks from hours to minutes. Developers can also offload processes from the front-end, providing users with a faster response, plus they can get reliable and flexible scheduling. All this without having to setup anything or manage servers. With IronMQ, developers can take monolithic apps and turn them into a set of loosely coupled components that are able to independently scale. An important pattern for companies developing responsive web apps that deal with many users.


Although we already serve many customers in Europe and around the world (almost the nature of cloud services), aligning more closely with a top European partner to closely connect with developers makes perfect sense. Small teams doing big things can be found the world over and cloud technologies take away many barriers.


Plus we take pride in being multi-lingual. It's something we've talked about more than a few times – and that you'll continue to hear about from us.
Learn more about the IronWorker and IronMQ add-ons on cloudControl. If you have any questions, you can always hit us up at our public chat room at

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