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The OpenShift Marketplace is pleased to announce its IronMQ and IronWorker solutions are part of the OpenShift Marketplace. The marketplace is an important component to Red Hat’s OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in that it lets developers combine the benefits of enterprise PaaS with tightly integrated, complementary solutions – all without losing time on technology integration. provides an enterprise grade message queuing and task processing platform. It makes it easy to connect systems, handle event processing, and perform highly concurrent task processing. IronMQ is a message queue written in Go that provides full features such as push queues, error queues, retries, and alerts along with high availability, guaranteed one-time delivery, message persistence, and multi-zone redundancy.

IronWorker is a scalable task queue / worker service that provides an easy and reliable way to process workloads asynchronously across thousands of cores. Tasks can be queued directly from web and mobile apps, triggered via webhooks, scheduled to run later, or run continuously in the background. IronWorker supports all common languages including binary packages, offers task retries, and sophisticated task monitoring.

blankblank“The OpenShift platform is an important development for The combination of Red Hat’s public cloud and on-premise options along with this new marketplace is a powerful offering and directly in line with our deployment options. Deploying our platform as a cartridge leverages the flexibility and security of OpenShift to give developers powerful ways to build applications.”
– Chad Arimura, CEO,

More on Red Hat’s OpenShift Marketplace

As more developers use enterprise PaaS for an increasing array of applications, a key to their success is a vibrant and robust partner ecosystem. OpenShift’s current partner ecosystem uses the OpenShift Cartridge specification method to link key technologies and services into applications built on OpenShift, giving customers access to a variety of offerings from cloud industry leaders. The OpenShift Marketplace provides an ideal platform to reach customers and developers in one easy, interactive location, enabling ISVs to showcase their solutions and marketing material, and complete transactions in a few easy steps.

Read more >> at the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco will be at the Red Hat Summit April 14-17th in the Partner Pavilion. The summit offers more than 150 breakout sessions and hands-on labs and they expect attendees ranging from developers, cloud enthusiasts, and enterprise architects to program managers and CxOs. If you’ll be there and want to talk distributed systems, message queuing, OpenShift, OpenStack, and a host of other topics, please stop by our booth. We’ll be right by the developers lounge.

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