will be at GopherCon (Apr 24th-26th)

GopherCon 2014 is a sponsor of GopherCon and we’ll have several of our team in attendance. The conference is in Denver, CO and runs from April 24-26.

We jumped in early as a sponsor as we’re a big user of Go and we’re glad we did. The attendance will be off the charts as the latest count approaches 750 people.

Given the list of speakers and the caliber of developers in the Go community, it promises to be one of the major technical events of the year.

Here are a few of the people who will be speaking:

  • Rob Pike – Google
  • Andrew Gerrand – Engineer at Google
  • John Graham-Cumming – Programmer at CloudFlare
  • Derek Collison – Founder, CEO at Apcera
  • Blake Mizerany – Funemployed
  • William Kennedy – Managing Partner at Ardan Studios
  • Richard Crowley – Betable
  • Brad Fitzpatrick – Gopher at Google
  • Rob Miller – Senior Engineer at Mozilla
  • Petar Maymounkov –
A Few of the Speakers at GopherCon
(If you’re a member of GoSF, the Go meetup that we help organize, then you’ll recognize a number of these names and faces as they’ve all spoken at GoSF events.)
Update: Keep an eye out for Travis Reeder and Chad Arimura as they’ll both be roaming the halls and taking in sessions.
Update: We’re hosting a pre-GopherCon party along with folks from Docker, CoreOS, Pivotal, and Sourcegraph. Come join us for some beers and conversations on changing the (tech) world.

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