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IronMQ is now available in Europe is happy to announce today the launch of IronMQ services in Europe. IronMQ EU provides the full functionality of IronMQ as is currently available in the US and is available to the public in general release.

IronMQ offers two endpoints in Europe – AWS EU-West and Rackspace-LON. These endpoints join services in AWS US-East (N.Virginia) and Rackspace-Ord (Chicago). Switching regions and clouds is as simple as changing endpoints within messaging clients and can be accomplished on the fly.

IronMQ is one of the leading messaging queuing services in the cloud and provides developers with an easy and reliable way to create distributed applications and operate at scale. Customers are using IronMQ to create service-oriented architectures, process streaming data, connect mobile apps, sync with legacy systems, and handle other core messaging and event-handling needs.

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Reduced Message Latency + European Data Locality

The launch is in response to increased demand from European customers who want to have message queues available in the same region as their applications. With the release, these customers in the EU can now benefit from reduced message latency as well as having all message data retained within the European region.

The API servers, MQ servers, and data persistence layer for IronMQ EU all run in European datacenters. IronMQ EU is running the most current release of IronMQ and will continue to do so on the same schedule as’s US-based datacenters.

Features available in IronMQ EU include one-time guaranteed delivery (no duplicate messages), secure OAuth gateways, HTTP/REST access, FIFO (first-in, first-out), push queues, multiple language bindings, and more.

blankReduced message latency and European data locality are the biggest drivers for our push to launch IronMQ in Europe. It’s important that applications running in Europe avoid the cost of transmitting messages to and from US regions. This release answers these needs and provides startups and production-scale applications with easy and reliable access to state-of-the-art message queuing services.
– Chad Arimura, CEO,

Connecting to IronMQ EU

Changing your cloud is as simple as selecting the host you want. You can set the host in your configuration files and connect to the service via REST APIs or client libraries. Each of the official IronMQ client libraries allows you to change a configuration setting to set the host the library connects to. Client libraries are available for almost all common languages.

IronMQ also has support for a growing number of application frameworks via third-party integrations. These include bindings for Laravel, Drupal, Celery, Yii, .NET Framework, and others. The use of these frameworks with IronMQ EU is also a matter specifying the appropriate endpoints within the configuration files.

Cloud Host
AWS US-East  (Virginia)
AWS EU-West  (Ireland)
Rackspace ORD  (Chicago)
Rackspace LON  (London)

Note: Certain elements of the backend persistence layer for IronMQ EU reside in the Rackspace European datacenter. Serverless Tools

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IronMQ – Built for the Cloud and Geographic Distribution

A messaging layer is a key to creating reliable and scalable distributed systems. It is a primary structural component in production-scale applications and provides work dispatch, load buffering, synchronicity, database offloading, and many other core needs.

IronMQ provides a durable high-performance message queue accessible through API calls and open-standard message protocols. It built specifically for the cloud and for running independently in data centers around the world.

Message queues can now be created in Europe.

The service is easy to use, highly available and requires no setup, no maintenance, and no-ops. This translates into reduced complexity, greater speed to market, and increased reliability and scalability. services are being used to power social media, eCommerce, mobile, transportation, and industrial applications. With the release of IronMQ EU, developers in Europe now have increased flexibility and increased performance as they move from monolithic application structures and adopt more distributed and scalable service-oriented architectures.

Safe Harbor Compliance is certified to US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce. These frameworks are with respect to the collection, use, and retention of personal information from EU member countries and Switzerland.

blankSpecifically, has certified that it adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement. For more information, please refer to sections in our privacy policy and the associated links to the Safe Harbor specifications.

We Want Your Feedback

IronMQ service in Europe is available now and so you can sign up and get running in seconds. If you have comments or questions about the European region or wish to address private or enterprise plans, please contact us at support (at)

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