On Air with Michael Schonfeld from Dwolla


Join us for our first episode of On Air !  (Tues, Nov 27th at 5pm PT)

Michael Schonfeld, Dwolla

blankThis first show will feature Michael Schonfeld, a Developer Evangelist from Dwolla. Michael built the MassPay solution for DwollaLabs using IronWorker. He and members of's DevExp team be live on air to answer your questions and discuss architectural concerns for the application.

blank on Air on Air is a new show to engage our community and highlight some of the ways people are using's services. Each episode we'll do a Hangout on Air with someone using in their application. We'll discuss how they use, what their stack and architecture look like, and how to make it even better. We'll use this show to help people better understand the patterns, ideas, and architectures they can use to build scalable, distributed applications.

Viewing Information

The show will be a Google+ Hangout on Air. It will also be live-streamed from our YouTube page. (Meaning you can join in via G+ and ask questions and participate or you can just view the episode on the YouTube live-stream.)
Join us Tues, Nov 27th (5pm PST/8pm EST) for On Air: Michael Schonfeld from Dwolla (#01)!
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