+ OpenShift : PaaS 2.0 for the Enterprise is pleased to announce we are now a developer partner on OpenShift.

OpenShift is Red Hat's auto-scaling Platform as a Service (PaaS). Red Hat has a rich history when it comes to technology and large IT systems and, with OpenShift, they're on a serious path to make history happen again, this time in the world of cloud computing.

The pairing puts a rock-solid cloud platform together with's high availability message queuing and task processing services. These capabilities are core needs within any production-scale cloud application. IronMQ, IronWorker, and IronCache are perfect fits for OpenShift applications that are looking for easy-to-use highly reliable services that can handle whatever capacity you want to send them.

The Next Step in Distributed Cloud Applications

A new era in PaaS is emerging. It's one that features platforms that support multiple languages and application frameworks, has solid security underpinnings, and is built to support both public and private installations. OpenShift is paving the way in this new era — one that is especially meant for organizations with a variety of distributed cloud applications and systems.

These distributed applications and systems will have many critical connections to other systems, both internally and with third-party services. Simple and reliable gateways and messages buses are needed to connect, coordinate, and process the message and event flow taking place between systems.

An application that can deploy and scale easily needs messaging and task processing that is also flexible, reliable, and easy to connect with. IronMQ, IronWorker, and IronCache provide this flexibility in concert with industrial-strength performance and capacity.

This pairing of's services with OpenShift is not only the beginning of a solid relationship but also a glimpse into what the next era of PaaS looks like. Along the way, it's also a big win for organizations and cloud developers.

Getting Started with IronMQ on OpenShift

We've created an example on GitHub to help developers get started with IronMQ on OpenShift. It's a simple process with 4 steps:
  1. Create OpenShift App
  2. Configure IronMQ
  3. Deploy You App
  4. Profit! (actually it's View Your App but this way sounds better)

For the complete steps, check out the IronMQ on OpenShift repo and let us know what you think.

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