Speaking at Ubuntu Cloud Summit will be speaking at the Ubuntu Cloud Summit on Tuesday, May 8th. Chad will be talking about and how cloud services fit in with PaaS and in the cloud stack.

Lots of great companies are also presenting including Canonical, HP, VMware, Rackspace, Scalr, and 10gen. The analytics firm RedMonk is hosting and so it's guaranteed to have a top-notch group of informed techs.

"The Ubuntu Cloud Summit is a new, one day event for both technologists and business people interested in what open-source cloud computing can do for their organizations. Hosted by Canonical and RedMonk, it will look at how open source is playing a critical role in the move to cloud computing. Attendees will also hear how enterprises have made the most of the move to the cloud using open source. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and debate ensuring you have all the information you need to deploy an open cloud."

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