+ xHack = Grand Prize Winner

Congrats to Talk to the Future, winner of the $5000 grand prize at xHack 2012 (#xhack)! A one-person team built it using Heroku, Twilio, and

It makes use of the scheduling capabilities in IronWorker to schedule calls, videos, emails, and other notifications to your future self. It’s up and running and you can see it at

The prize, a GoPro HD camera, was awarded to the Healthify team. Healthify used hundreds of workers in parallel to retrieve 10s of thousands of tweets very quickly, analyze them, and then map them in Google Maps to geo-locate clusters of like references, potential outbreaks, and more. They also did some nifty browser hacks to display interactive maps within All by a 2-person team in 24 hours. Very cool stuff!

The other teams did some amazing work as well. RadiumOne and were terrific hosts. All in all, a great event and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

Check out our G+ page for some more pictures of the event.

Grand Prize Winner at the xHack 2012 Hackathon
(built using Heroku, Twilio, and


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