No lock in, thanks to Docker

Flexibility and the freedom to choose are among the core tenets at For those who have been following posts for some time, we’re sure you’ve read a number of the Docker-related developments we released over the past year, including the previous blog post that IronWorker supports custom Docker images. This is awesome not only for many reasons from a workflow perspective, it also means there’s no lock in.

You can run your code anywhere, on any infrastructure, or on any cloud platform. Additionally, IronWorker provides several features and functions that you won’t find anywhere else, including multi-language support, multiple security and authentication features, enterprise-grade scalability and availability, and an advanced management dashboard (HUD). And if you don’t like it for whatever reason, you can take it and run it somewhere else. Now that’s freedom.

We believe in user control and choice when it comes to your infrastructure, which is why we support running our managed services on all the major public cloud platforms (including AWS, Azure, Rackspace, Heroku, Pivotal, and Red Hat OpenShift); you can even run IronWorker on your own bare metal hardware (on-premise) too.

With’s flexible architecture, it’s your choice how you manage and deploy your code. You’re never locked in to writing code for a proprietary service because you can take your Docker image and run it wherever you want.

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