Project Thor Will Deliver First True Hybrid IronWorker Solution

Today, announced Project Thor, which is developing the world’s first hybrid job processing system. This is unlike anything we’ve done to date. Unlike previous IronWorker technology, Project Thor is architected to deliver the power of to any server in the world in minutes.

With Project Thor, the IronWorker Docker container is deployed on a company’s own servers, which then communicates with the API. This brings the power of’s event-driven computing service to the Enterprise in just a few easy steps. Project Thor seamlessly integrates with existing solutions for container deployment, such as OpenShift by Red Hat, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack and Kubernetes.

Because the workloads can run behind the firewall on the Enterprise’s own machines, existing security solutions can be leveraged. Meanwhile, all orchestration is provided by the IronWorker API in the cloud. For the first time, companies will have the option to use their own hardware as well as cloud options. Enterprises can now reap all the benefits of cloud, while adhering to their compliance and security protocols.

Project Thor is an architectural shift for Enterprise businesses will now be to leverage the deployment model, while maintaining the same level of control as if they built everything internally. Because this shift to more powerful APIs enables more sophisticated workloads to be utilized, it is important for both development empowerment and Enterprise innovation.

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